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Executive Director, Brian Simpson, Retired LPGA Pro and First Tee – Minnesota director, Andrea Luther, and JoLee Simpson.

March Madness Bowling Update

The Final Four is next weekend and five bowling teams are in the hunt.

In the Classic Division, Team Maney (Lane 1) is in 2nd place and has two of the four teams, San Diego State and Miami. But Team Shafranski (Lane 7) is in the lead with 164 points and UConn looks tough. The dark horse is Team Youth Frontiers (Lane 6) with its prescient pick of FAU, with a 9X seed multiplier. If FAU wins the next two games, Youth Frontiers catapults to first place.

In the First Tee Division, Team 3M/Toro (Lane 13) also has San Diego State and Miami, and the lead with 134 points. On its heals is our PGA TOUR Superstore Leadership Students, Jacob, Dominic, Gavin, Campbell and Tommy (Lane 16) with 128 points.

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March Madness Bowling NCAA Update